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Hanks Chiropractic Center Reviews

Just as we are passionate about changing lives, our patients are passionate about sharing their stories.

World Class Service

My initial experience with Dr. Hanks and his staff was very promising. They quickly responded to my inquiry of service through their website and within 24 hours scheduled my appointment. Dr. Hanks has taken the time to understand my symptoms and thoroughly explained how he was going to treat me. So far the customer service has been World Class!

- David

Knowledgeable & Efficient

Dr. Hobbs and Dr. Hanks do an excellent job caring for their patients. Dr. Hobbs is very knowledgeable and efficient. Dr. Hanks explained my X-Rays in great detail and the care I could expect every time I come into the office. The paperwork was easy to follow.
I would definitely recommend this chiropractic clinic to others!!!!

- Yevgeniya

I Only Trust Dr. Hanks with My Spine

Dr. Hanks explains your problem and treatment options in an easy to understand manner while treating you like a family member. He is very personable, positive and knowledgeable. I have been to other clinicians but I only trust Dr. Hanks with my spine. He gave me confidence that I can be healed and live a pain free life.

- Ashley

Happier Family With More Energy

I love what Dr. Hanks has done for me and my daughter’s. They have been so happy getting good sleep and have not been complaining of pain as usual. We are a happier family with more energy. Thank you!

- Monica


The staff are very helpful and nice!

- Minerva

Amazing Service

Amazing service the whole staff is top notch.

- Tina

Very Pleasant

The staff is the best I have experienced. Very friendly and helpful. Dr. Hanks cares about his patients and truly wants to help and is very knowledgeable and explains and answers any questions. One of the best chiropractors I have used. Would highly recommend.

- Marianna

Very Pleasant

Very kind staff and interns. Very pleasant atmosphere. Will recommend you to my friends.

- Armina


Right on the money for what my problem was and exactly how to fix it. Results were equally impressive. Great experience!

- Byron

Great Adjustment

Great adjustment. First one in my life. Thanks!

- Melisa


Everybody was great!

- Jasper


I love coming to this practice! Dr. Hanks staff is very knowledgeable and Dr. Hanks is superb in helping my condition and working on a treatment plan that is working. I would definitely refer a friend or family member to him!

- Ernest


The staff was fantastic. Not only everything explained clearly and in terms you could understand they also used models to show what they were talking about. Made you feel like part of the family from the time you walked in till you left.

- Teri


Everything about Hanks is awesome from the care my daughter received to my treatment too!

- Stacy


Dr.Hanks is well knowledgeable in his field, friendly and helpful staff.

- Michael

Absolutely Wonderful

Hank’s Chiropractic is absolutely wonderful! They are informative and helpful from the start and genuinely want to help those who walk through their door. All of their staff is professional and knowledgeable about the patients. They have helped me with problems that I didn’t even realize were connected and I have faith that they will continue to assist me in keeping up my general health in the years to come.

- Rachel

Family Wellness – Five Children and No Ear Infections

Beckie's-FamilyChiropractic has been a part of my life from the time I was a child. I have always counted on chiropractic adjustments to take care of pain from headaches to carpal tunnel to muscle spasms …and countless other things in between.

I have received adjustments while pregnant and had my children adjusted within days or hours of birth. My children, husband, and I continue to receive regular chiropractic care from Dr. Hanks. I know it will be hard to believe, but in ten years of care for my five children we have not had one incidence of ear infection.

Let me repeat that – five children and not one single ear infection in ten years of chiropractic care. In those ten years, one child has had one course of antibiotics (for an abscessed tooth.) Again, let me repeat…one child, one antibiotic, ten years. I think that is amazing! Needless to say, I recommend chiropractic every chance I get.

- Beckie

Wrist Support No Longer Needed for Carpal Tunnel, Collaborated with My M.D.

I started seeing Dr. Hanks for regular back and neck adjustments, what I didn’t know is that chiropractic could help with all sorts of other issues too. During my first appointment with Dr. Hanks, he adjusted my wrists, elbows and shoulders. I asked why he did that. Dr. Hanks explained to me how our entire skeletal system was connected and if there’s something wrong with my elbows, or wrists it could effect by back.

In the past, I’ve had some slight carpal tunnel problems, but I would have never thought to ask a chiropractor about carpal tunnel. I told him about my carpal tunnel problems. He said that chiropractic adjustments could help with that also. Since that day, I get regular adjustments on my arms and legs, as well as my back and neck, and I’ve not needed to wear my wrist support!

Several months ago I caught a bacteria that gave me a hiatal hernia where the stomach moves up into the esophagus. I went to my family doctor. He thought it was some sort of acid reflux and gave me pills to take. During my next appointment, I was explaining my problem to Dr. Hanks. He examined me and could tell during his exam that my stomach had moved up into the esophagus. So he adjusted it back into place! He told me to have my family doctor test for H.Pylori. He was right of course! After a week of adjustments and antibiotics, I was completely back to normal.

I now live more than 30 minutes from Dr. Hanks, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else. He’s a chiropractor who has taken the time to learn as much about the body as possible and how chiropractic can help heal it.

- Jacque

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