4 Ways to Improve Text Neck in Dallas TX

4 Ways to Improve Text Neck in Dallas TX

4 Ways to Improve Text Neck in Dallas

Have you noticed that your shoulders have rounded forward? Is your neck regularly in pain? Do you get headaches? While the condition we now often refer to as “text neck” is hardly new, it is increasingly becoming a problem in the modern digital world. Chiropractors in Dallas TX work with people every day who are embarrassed by the way their head seems stuck in a forward head position.

There are steps you can take to prevent text neck and things you can do to correct the problem over time.

4 Ways to Improve Text Neck in Dallas TX

1. Change How You Use Technology

The forward head position is now referred to as text neck for a reason. People lean over their phones and computers all day, holding a posture that’s unnatural for the body.

Chiropractors are experts in the natural position of the body. Why does this matter so much? For one thing, it prevents text neck. For another, when your body is naturally aligned, it allows all of your nerves to send signals from the brain to the body unhindered. When your body isn’t properly aligned, your bones may come out of position and compress or irritate the nerves, “jamming” the signal, so to speak. This makes it hard for your body to function its best. It can also cause a lot of pain.

Set up your computer so it’s more ergonomic. This means your screen should be at eye level. If you use a laptop, you’ll need to prop your computer up on some books at a desk. Purchase a separate keyboard to put on the desk itself.

Hold your phone up at eye level while you use it.

Take regular breaks while you’re on the computer or other device. It can be helpful to set alarms on your computer so that once every hour you take a five-minute break. During this break, stretch your body, drink some water, and come back to the device making sure you’re holding the proper posture.

2. Ask Your Dallas TX Chiropractor About Neck Stretches

Your Dallas TX chiropractor can show you different ways to stretch your neck throughout the day. This will help prevent further damage to the body and work to slowly help your body move back to its natural alignment.

3. Improve Your Posture With Exercise

Exercise is often the solution to many of your health troubles. Text neck is no exception. When you have a strong core, you are more likely to sit up straight. It’s easier for your body to hold a proper posture longer when you have a strong core and work out regularly.

Talk to your chiropractor about the best exercises for you. They’ll likely discuss options with you like more walking, yoga, and weight lifting. Weight lifting will strengthen your core. Yoga will have the added benefit of exercises that help work your neck back into alignment. Common positions like Cat-Cow and Downward Facing Dog have been shown to work well for those working to correct text neck.

By mixing in different types of exercise, you’ll work out more muscles and improve your overall health.

4. Ask Your Chiropractor About a Care Plan

Your chiropractor can work with you to create a long-term care plan that includes many of the above tips as well as chiropractic care for spinal manipulation. When you’re suffering from a text neck, it’s common for your spinal column to be out of its natural alignment. Your chiropractor can work with you to gently adjust the vertebrae back to alignment. While you are employing other strategies and improving the alignment of your spinal column, the vertebrae will likely continue to need adjustments to keep working toward a healthier place overall.

With some time and work, you and your chiropractor can get you back to the straight spinal column you want to see. With the right tips, you can correct text neck and prevent it from recurring. Talk to your chiropractor at Hanks Chiropractic Center today about your goals to see how they can help you.



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