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Toning Muscles and Relieving Tension

Theraband System in Lake HighlandsWe offer patients use of the THERA-BAND® System for stretching and strengthening muscles. THERA-BAND® helps balance posture and gain functional movement.

Once the patient’s pain is relieved through chiropractic and therapies, they become a candidate for THERA-BAND®.

THERA-BAND® uses elastic bands, resistance tubing, and a lightweight exercise ball to assist with muscle rehabilitation, strengthening, and conditioning.

  • The THERA-BAND® products are lightweight and portable, allowing patients the opportunity to do the exercises almost anywhere.
  • As patients become stronger, they can easily increase the resistance, making the exercises more challenging.

Find out how THERA-BAND® products can be part of your rehabilitation plan. Call our office and speak to a member of our staff.

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