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Custom X-rays

lower back xraysX-rays are an essential analysis tool that allows chiropractors to identify the precise location of a spinal subluxation, arthritis and postural problems. X-rays provide guidance as to what type of adjustment is needed to correct a misalignment in the spine and correct the postural problems.

At Hanks Chiropractic Center, we’re committed to offering the latest and safest X-ray technology for the benefits of our patients. About 2010, our practice upgraded to computed radiography (CR), an improvement from the standard flat film that was used with older X-ray imaging.

Upgrading to Digital Radiography

Although we were able to obtain excellent results with CR, Hanks Chiropractic recently upgraded to the advanced digital radiography (DR). Here are some benefits:

  • There’s no need to change out film
  • In just 10 seconds, the image is available
  • A better quality film is available in a much faster time frame
  • Radiation is reduced up to 50% as DR uses Fujifilm’s Virtual Grid™ technology

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