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“With innovative therapies and advanced technologies, we will help you heal thoroughly for your greatest life.”

Dallas TX chiropractor Dr. Hanks believes in continually reinvesting in his clinic to bring his patients the latest developments in care.

Gentle Chiropractic Techniques in Dallas TX

Dr. Hanks believes strongly in the power of chiropractic and its ability to help the body heal itself. He uses the following techniques in his daily practice:

The diversified Method is used for manual adjustment of the spine. It uses a high-speed, low-force thrust for realignment. It is the most common method in chiropractic, and the one most familiar to patients.

Activator Method® relies on a small, handheld instrument to make chiropractic adjustments.

Aspen Laser Therapy

This therapy uses a 30-watt laser, which has the ability to penetrate and get deeper into the tissue. It’s particularly beneficial for bulging, ruptured or herniated disks in the neck and in the lower back. Most patients get results in just 4-6 sessions.

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K Laser

Cold laser therapy is a painless therapy that stimulates DNA in cells to reproduce and helps with faster healing. This therapy is used to reduce inflammation and scar tissue and to relieve conditions like bursitis.

The laser uses a light probe similar to ultrasound, except it does not touch the skin. It is painless and gentle, producing only a comforting, warming sensation.

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Galvanic Wave Therapy

Galvanic Wave Therapy is a form of electrical muscle stimulation that operates at a different frequency than the more familiar Transcutaneous Electrical Neurostimulation (TENS) Unit. The frequency of the galvanic wave is highly effective at releasing deep muscle tension and reducing inflammation.

Dr. Hanks does have TENS units as well but prefers to use cold laser therapy or galvanic wave therapy which, in his experience, are more effective.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression is used as a non-surgical, comfortable traction therapy for the relief of back pain, neck pain, leg pain, and arm pain. This technique has been highly successful, especially when combined with other therapies. The addition of galvanic wave therapy helps remove excess fluid from compressed, bulging discs. At Hanks Chiropractic Center, we specialize in spinal decompression therapy (DTS) with the use of the Kennedy Decompression Table.

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Stretch and strengthen muscles using the THERA-BAND® system. Using elastic bands, resistance tubing, and a lightweight exercise ball, THERA-BAND® helps to balance posture and regain functional movement.

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Our ATM2 System is used to help reduce pain and increase range of motion with ninety percent of patients reporting relief from pain after a single use! Strapping into the ATM2 belts stabilizes muscles and allows you to perform strengthening exercises comfortably and effectively.

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