Chiropractic Testimonials

"Offices and equipment are high quality and well maintained. Professional environment. Staff are always friendly and helpful. Well organized and efficient. Treatments plans and costs are discussed with patient ahead of treatment."

- Tony

"Yes I would, my body and muscles were so tight and hurting and even now I can tell it seems to be working because I’m not as stiff as before. I’m sure before long y’all will get me back into shape. Thank you!!!"

- David

"I have started and stopped Chiropractic in the past. This time is different. Dr. Hanks and staff are transparent in all facets of my care and the journey we are on together. When I left I felt like an old house that had the door opened after a very long time of being closed and a rush of fresh air blew through the house to clear out the must. That is the best way to describe that experience. Thank you Dr. Hanks and the entire staff."

- Jean

"My initial experience with Dr. Hanks and his staff was very promising. They quickly responded to my inquiry of service through their website and within 24 hours scheduled my appointment. Dr. Hanks has taken the time to understand my symptoms and thoroughly explained how he was going to treat me. So far the customer service has been World Class!"

- David

"Dr. Hobbs and Dr. Hanks do an excellent job caring for their patients. Dr. Hobbs is very knowledgeable and efficient. Dr. Hanks explained my X-Rays in great detail and the care I could expect every time I come into the office. The paperwork was easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this chiropractic clinic to others!!!!"

- Yevgeniya

"Dr. Hanks explains your problem and treatment options in an easy to understand manner while treating you like a family member. He is very personable, positive and knowledgeable. I have been to other clinicians but I only trust Dr. Hanks with my spine. He gave me confidence that I can be healed and live a pain free life."

- Ashley

"I love what Dr. Hanks has done for me and my daughter. They have been so happy getting good sleep and have not been complaining of pain as usual. We are a happier family with more energy. Thank you!"

- Monica

"The staff are very helpful and nice!"

- Minerva

"Amazing service the whole staff is top-notch."

- Tina

"The staff is the best I have experienced. Very friendly and helpful. Dr. Hanks cares about his patients and truly wants to help and is very knowledgeable and explains and answers any questions. One of the best chiropractors I have used. Would highly recommend."

- Marianna

"Very kind staff and interns. Very pleasant atmosphere. Will recommend you to my friends."

- Armina

"Right on the money for what my problem was and exactly how to fix it. Results were equally impressive. Great experience!"

- Byron

"Great adjustment. First one in my life. Thanks!"

- Melisa

"Everybody was great!"

- Jasper

"I love coming to this practice! Dr. Hanks staff is very knowledgeable and Dr. Hanks is superb in helping my condition and working on a treatment plan that is working. I would definitely refer a friend or family member to him!"

- Ernest

"The staff was fantastic. Not only everything explained clearly and in terms you could understand they also used models to show what they were talking about. Made you feel like part of the family from the time you walked in till you left."

- Teri

"Everything about Hanks is awesome from the care my daughter received to my treatment too!"

- Stacy

"Dr. Hanks is well knowledgeable in his field, friendly and helpful staff."

- Michael

"Hank’s Chiropractic is absolutely wonderful! They are informative and helpful from the start and genuinely want to help those who walk through their door. All of their staff is professional and knowledgeable about the patients. They have helped me with problems that I didn’t even realize were connected and I have faith that they will continue to assist me in keeping up my general health in the years to come."

- Rachel

"Chiropractic has been a part of my life from the time I was a child. I have always counted on chiropractic adjustments to take care of pain from headaches to carpal tunnel to muscle spasms …and countless other things in between.

I have received adjustments while pregnant and had my children adjusted within days or hours of birth. My children, husband, and I continue to receive regular chiropractic care from Dr. Hanks. I know it will be hard to believe, but in ten years of care for my five children, we have not had one incidence of ear infection.

Let me repeat that – five children and not one single ear infection in ten years of chiropractic care. In those ten years, one child has had one course of antibiotics (for an abscessed tooth.) Again, let me repeat…one child, one antibiotic, ten years. I think that is amazing! Needless to say, I recommend chiropractic every chance I get."

- Beckie

"I started seeing Dr. Hanks for regular back and neck adjustments, what I didn’t know is that chiropractic could help with all sorts of other issues too. During my first appointment with Dr. Hanks, he adjusted my wrists, elbows and shoulders. I asked why he did that. Dr. Hanks explained to me how our entire skeletal system was connected and if there’s something wrong with my elbows, or wrists it could affect my back.

In the past, I’ve had some slight carpal tunnel problems, but I would have never thought to ask a chiropractor about carpal tunnel. I told him about my carpal tunnel problems. He said that chiropractic adjustments could help with that also. Since that day, I get regular adjustments on my arms and legs, as well as my back and neck, and I’ve not needed to wear my wrist support!

Several months ago I caught a bacteria that gave me a hiatal hernia where the stomach moves up into the esophagus. I went to my family doctor. He thought it was some sort of acid reflux and gave me pills to take. During my next appointment, I was explaining my problem to Dr. Hanks. He examined me and could tell during his exam that my stomach had moved up into the esophagus. So he adjusted it back into place! He told me to have my family doctor test for H.Pylori. He was right of course! After a week of adjustments and antibiotics, I was completely back to normal.

I now live more than 30 minutes from Dr. Hanks, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else. He’s a chiropractor who has taken the time to learn as much about the body as possible and how chiropractic can help heal it."

- Jacque

"I underwent an Active Release Treatment for my muscles and was able to get immediate relief. I am gonna continue to work with this technique and stretches. The x-ray discussion was very helpful for context around my hip and the impact of poor posture. Thank you!"

- Mark S.

"I drove three hours to come see Dr. Hanks and it was totally worth it. The service provided was more than I could have ever asked for. It was the most extensive evaluation of my body that I have ever received and all for an affordable price. Upfront pricing, honest evaluations and Dr. Hanks is extremely knowledgeable about the human anatomy. I am telling all my friends and family that it is well worth the drive!!"

- Santos

"Absolutely first rate staff. Dr. Hanks is very thorough in his assessment and explanation of care. So lucky to have found him and would highly recommend Hanks Chiropractic to all my friends."

- Linda

"The laser speed healing of those lingering bug bites. Good job Hanks, no infections on the Amazon."

- Nolan P.

"Been going to a chiropractor for at least 14 years now. First time I had my hips adjusted and it righted my hips for the first time in years. Came in crooked walked out straight! I finally found my chiropractor for life!"

- Christian R.

"I wish I could give a higher rating…these people are the best!!"

-Sheila R.

"The staff is out of this world and Dr. Hanks is the best ever."

- Michelle J.

"Since my three visits, I am able to manage my back pain. Like today I was cleaning up and I was able to clean for a long period without my back hurting."

- Martha M.

"I absolutely definitely recommend Dr. Hanks. He will remember your name, and details of your life, to talk about while adjusting so you don’t need to think about how he is literally moving bones in your body."

- Kayleigh Y.

"From the moment you walk in you are greeted with a smile! The doctors are awesome as well."

- Liz P.

"Thank you!"

- Xiaoming M.

"It was my first time going to a chiropractor and the experience was great. I thought a chiropractor was just for people that had been in a wreck. I got adjusted and it really helped how I was feeling. Will definitely be going back and refer others to try. The entire staff was really friendly and helpful."

- David C.

"This was the friendliest and most accommodating health care provider’s office I have ever entered. The staff here are the kind of people I’d want to start my day off with even if I didn’t have an appointment."

- Janie

"The best place I have ever been to. His priority is his patients and making you feel better. Great staff as well."

- Noemy

"You are great!"

- Lisa T.

"The service I received was very thorough. The help provided was much greater than what I had received at any other chiropractor. I left feeling better after the first visit than I ever had after leaving another chiropractor after several visits."

- Gannon H.

"The whole staff is great."

- Greg C.

"You’ll fall in love with Dr. Hanks. Go see him, and you’ll see why. Great support staff, too!"

- Mevline C.

"I appreciated how Dr. Hobbs explained every step as well as what he was adjusting and why. You do not see that in many chiropractors."

- Gerardo O.

"Dr. Hanks’ provides a very thorough adjustment that leaves me feeling very satisfied afterward."

- Jason S.

"I liked how you explained everything and also were willing to work with me on cost issues. I’ll make Hanks my regular chiropractor."

- Brad M.

"It was great to find you!!!"

- Randell S.

"Dr. Hobbs and the entire office have been very welcoming to me. Absolutely love the service here already and I’m only 1 week in!"

- Matt W.

"Great staff and Doctor! They work with you and your schedule."

- Lynne H.

"I felt like a new man!!!"

- Don H.

"The Doctors and staff at Hanks Chiropractic are top notch. They are all very friendly and helpful. Dr. Hanks is a great doctor that I feel very comfortable trusting his recommendations about treatment and plan for recovery."

- Casey S.

"Great professional!"

- Adis G.

"I Will recommend to family and friends."

- Ruth W.

"Outstanding experience from very beginning. Knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Hanks looks for long term solution not short term fix."

- Tami S.

"Dr. Hanks and all the staff are friendly and professional. I actually look forward to my visits and am confident I’m on the road to recovery. Thank you!!!"

- Jan B.

"Dr. Hanks is a very caring person and explained everything to me where I could understand. He is a down-to-earth doctor and he knows what he is doing."

- Amalia L.

"Dr. Hanks took time and explained everything to me until I understood. I never encountered a member of the staff who was not very friendly. The office atmosphere, while very professional, easily put me at ease and made me always feel welcome."

- Tommy B.

"Loved the caring attitude, not only about physical problems but financial issues as well. Will be recommending Hank’s and Dr. Hobb’s to those in need of chiropractic help."

- James H.

"Dr. Hanks is not simply my doctor, he has become a family friend. After my car accident, there is not another chiropractor on earth I would let touch my son! I have that much faith in him! His staff is friendly and helpful, too. A bonus!"

- Stephanie O.

"Very patient explained process and procedures in great detail. Very friendly and professional. The office was very clean, cheery, organized and modernized."

- Joe P.

"Staff is very friendly! They made me feel at home and not at a doctor’s office. I would highly recommend them to others."

- Wesley F.

"I am very thankful that I came to get another opinion on my ankle. I absolutely love the tape I have been getting my ankle wrapped with. It has been absolutely wonderful!"

- Wendy O.

"I really appreciate how kind everyone was! It was my first time visiting a chiropractor, and Dr. Hanks and his staff were excellent! I look forward to every visit because I know that they genuinely care about my health."

- Madeline B.

"Everyone was great! Super helpful even with my daughter since I had to bring her with me."

- Jazmin J.

"I enjoy the fun and positive atmosphere of the staff here! They are friendly and professional."

- Theresa P.

"My first impression here was excellent! Really transparent and helpful. Would recommend it! 10/10"

- Luis P.

"Service was great and gave me the relief I needed to get back on the golf course quickly."

- Mark W.

"Dr. Hanks is the only medical practitioner I have met with who accurately understands what’s causing my pain and had an immediate and effective treatment plan."

- Chris G.

"Keep on helping my body help itself! Little sore today but hope it works out in the long haul. I believe it will pay off."

- Paul Jr. S.

"Love Doctor Hanks and the team, overall best service!"

- Rocio C.

"The doctors and staff at Hanks chiropractic are the best I have ever been treated by. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Hanks for everything you’ve done for me."

- William J.


- Curry B.

"Very friendly service."

- Maria G.

"Excellent job is done by all."

- Alan G.

"Best staff ever!!!"

- Lakeisha L.

"Dr. Hanks and his staff are wonderful. Excellent chiropractic care."

- Pam C.

"I appreciate all the care and help that was given to me by all the staff! They were very positive and have given me great hope for recovery!"

- Toby M.

"Best full-body adjustment I have ever had."

- Belia G.

"I have been to chiropractors before and this is by far the best experience that I’ve had. The level of personal care is amazing and the doctors really listen."

- Stephanie D.



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